Fine Craftsmanship, Enhanced by Technology

With the finest British craftsmanship, we use state-of-the-art design technology to turn your specification seamlessly into reality. Whether you’re an Architect or Interior Designer looking for someone to realise your vision, or a contractor seeking to outsource a furniture build, Lignify work closely with you to meet your aspirations and achieve excellent results.

we provide the following services

Manufacture, Research & Development for Designers

Furniture manufacturing is most successful when designers and manufacturers work in tandem with one another – that’s why Lignify is proud to offer dedicated professional support. Our team can assist with the research and development of your ideas, will advise on the best materials and ensure that everything fits within your client’s budget. Lignify understands the importance of client protection, so if you’re looking to outsource your overflow work we can ensure absolutely confidentiality, and the guarantee of high quality products that you will be proud to put your name to. The breadth of large and small projects we have carried out in the past means that no design is too much of a challenge.

Shop Fitting

Supply and demand is notoriously difficult to predict in our game. That’s why, when you’ve taken on too much, it’s helpful to subcontract your workload to a company you can trust. Lignify plan and manufacture shop fittings of all shapes and sizes, and our experienced team can produce anything from simple fixtures to ornate designs. Importantly, we are flexible and efficient, which means we can begin projects at short notice and meet tight deadlines with no fuss. The state of the art technology at use in our purpose built 19,000 sq ft workshop allows for large scale production runs; delivering projects for major national brands is something we are highly equipped and experienced in carrying out.

Furniture Builds for Fix-only Joinery Companies

If your company runs a fix-only joinery service, we can create furniture and fittings to meet your requirements. We’ll deliver top quality products that are simple to install, leaving your customer delighted with your service as well as ours. Whatever the scope and requirements of your job, we have the resources to manufacture the finished piece to the highest standard, at a price you will be happy to pay. We’re pleased that many of our projects come from repeat contractors. These trusted business relationships are testament to our focus on customer needs, absolute discretion when dealing with third parties outsourcing to us, quality manufacturing and consistently delivering to deadlines.

Bespoke Furniture, Tailored to Your Requirements

Lignify offers a range of services to meet your needs. From working with interior designers to develop your idea from the drawing board, manufacturing bespoke furniture to your specifications, or discreetly assisting fit out companies to meet excessive demand. Nothing surprises us, anything is possible. We source and work with a vast array of materials including wood, metal, glass, acrylic, laminate, even exotic veneers such as Birdseye Maples, to ensure your finished product looks as professional and incredible as you first envisioned.

Everything Starts with Your Imagination

Lignify specialises in creating products that are truly unique. It all starts with your imagination. An idea. An unusual space to fill. We nurture your ideas from the drawing board right through to the final tangible product, working on your vision until you see truly inspirational results. You won’t see your standard office furniture leaving our workshop. That’s because Lignify loves a challenge. You might want weird and wonderful or good old-fashioned finesse. No problem. The “I’d really like this but I’m not sure if it can be done” has already been done, right here in our workshop, thanks to the ingenious approach of our experienced craftsmen. Whatever your requirements, Lignify has the solution.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Lignify offers a variety of Design and Build packages to suit your individual needs. Whether you are at the conceptual stage of your project or a little further down the track, our highly skilled team can provide anything from drawings and 3D modelling, right through to the construction, manufacture and installation of your product. By offering clients multiple MDF mock ups throughout the design stage we can ensure the finished product will fit seamlessly together and really look the part. We’ve assisted designers on some projects for up to two years to bring their plans into reality, so we have a deep understanding of the complexities and hard work involved in creating exceptional bespoke pieces.

The Evolution of Craftsmanship

No project is too demanding. Our expert advice, creativity and professionalism will always steer your project in the right direction, resulting in furniture and fittings that are built to impress.

  • Nationwide Project Coverage

  • Purpose Built 19,000 sq ft Premises

  • Over 20 Years Experience

  • Furniture Builds for Fix-only Joinery Companies

  • Bespoke Shop Fitting Design

  • Manufacture, Research & Development for Designers

  • Latest CNC Technology

  • Your Furniture, Tailored to Your Requirements

  • Project Management from Concept to Completion